lundi 17 août 2009

ATC "Composite"

ATC mixed média déjà échangée.
Papier pour le fond. Le centre mélange stabilisateur, tissu, tyvek tissu, tarlatane, pâte .
Piqure machine.

3 commentaires:

blomman a dit…

Theank you for your nice comment on my blog! It is really encouraging. I have looked at your blog quite a lot lately but been to lazy to write any comments. I really like you latest ATCs. Specially the on with the text in the background, the decorations at the front have a real 3D feel about them. Then I wonder, what is morceau de tarlatane in English?

solange bonnet a dit…

Thank you for your comment. I wrote to you in private, I hope you get the answers, if not contact me.

Laurence a dit…

Ton ATC est très belle. J'aime beaucoup la superposition de différentes matières.